Friday, November 30, 2012

'Beautiful' upcoming award ceremony

After being notified that 'Beautiful Women Wake Up Early' has won Best Experimental Short at the New York international Film Festival-LA edition, now there will be a award ceremony in January 2013. Very cool.

Scripts on Fire!

The latest scripts that I've been working on is a heist story titled 'The Last Heist'. Some of my favorite heist movies are Michael Mann's Heat, Steven Soderberg's 'Out of Sight', F. Gary's 'Set it Off', and the old and new 'Ocean's Eleven'. These movies have left a lasting impression on me. So while writing this feature length script subconsciously I guess I'm going back to these films and more that I've watched about a robberies. But along the way the story becomes bigger than the robbery, it boils down to relationships. To write on a genre that has a big fan base and try to keep the story interesting with fascinating characters is a challenge because as a writer you wonder how can the robbery be different from the other robberies that have been depicted on screen. The script is coming along well. And the ending is well....explosive!

Another script that I'm looking forward to writing has a working title, 'Millenium Woman', it's about a young woman who sells prescription drugs to high schoolers. She developes a relationship with one of the teenagers and from there twist and turns occur based on obsession, dependence, shame, guilt, jealousy, envy...its all there and then some. I want it to be fast, sad, funny, sexy, but it'll be a exploration in these teenagers dependency on these drugs that are ruining their lives and the passive woman who sells it to them.

'Enigma' is another script that I'm very excited about, in which I wrote out of frustration during hurricane Sandy. Its about young rich men and women and how a group of them live and how the leader of the pack faces some questions and concerns in her life that challenges her relationships and her future.

These are just some of the stories I've been working on.